i.e. fitness

i.e. fitness is a gym training facility located in a western suburb of Chicago called Westmont, IL and operated by owners, Ian and Emily Matthews.  They were not happy with their previous website, which has some minor issues when it came to formatting and general organization.  So they wanted to make sure everything on the new site was pristine and professional looking from all angles.  

They also wanted a site that would strategically guide visitors through their sign up process and make sure to capitalize on adding people to their newsletter.  We implemented a very nice looking popover to entice users to join their mailing list and were very thoughtful in trying to give a visitor a direction to go on every single page.

Working with Philip on the i.e. Fitness website has been a dream. From the word go, Phil came to our new facility to understand what our business was all about before strategizing with us to find the best site architecture and design that would best suit our businesses’ needs. From there, Phil ensured we had continuous communication and collaboration throughout the site buildout, giving us important peace of mind that we could count on him for all of our web needs. Philip’s perfectionist mentality stretched beyond web development as he took a personal interest in the site, becoming the pseudo site photographer, snapping professional level pictures and videos that have taken our site to the next level. I recommend Philip to anyone in need of precise web development work paired with amazing communication and attention to the clients’ individual needs.

Ian Matthews

Owner, i.e. fitness