Philip Theobald

Philip Theobald

Owner & Founder

Hi, I’m Phil.

I have been working with technology since before I was 12 years old.  As a kid I used to tear apart radios and try to put them back together, I always asked my parents for science kits for Christmas and birthdays and began learning to program at the age of 14.

I am the son of two artists, my mother was an art and ceramics teacher for over a decade and my father was a professor of art history and professional artist who later went on to run a graphic design company for many years.

In my 20’s I worked mostly as a computer and network technician but started to find myself bored in the routine of break/fix work and found myself wanting to work in a more creative space.  I spent several years taking online training courses in everything from programming to photography to business classes.

I had my computer hooked up to my television and spent the majority of my evenings learning and practicing new skills.

One day I woke up and it turned out I had over 140 online training certifications and had enough knowledge to feel confident in making a full career switch from hardware into web programming.

I really enjoy making websites and applications for people.  I take pride knowing that my OCD is being put to good use by caring for each project and sanding the edges and making sure everything meets my standards.